How to Buy the Best Quality Paint

When you are painting your house, you want to ensure that you use paint that will stay bonded and won’t lose its look or adherence after a short while. In order to do that, you need to choose your painting material very carefully. You not only need to choose the right kind of paint, but also the best quality of paint that you can afford.

There are different grades of paint and certain grades work better in certain situations. In order to understand which kind or grade of paint is best, you first need to understand the materials that make up most paint. That way you can protect your investment and ensure a beautiful looking paint job every time.

Paint is made up of four basic ingredients. That’s liquids, binders, pigments and additives. They all have an important part to play in how the paint behaves.

If a paint manufacturer varies the ingredients in various ways, they can create different kinds of paints. They can also control their costs by substituting costly ingredients for less expensive ones. The pigments, for example, create a bulkiness to the paint, and they can be made from all sorts of different materials having an effect on the cost without sacrificing the quality.

To determine a paint’s quality, though, you really need to look at its solids volume and its titanium dioxide content. You can find most of this info on the MSDS for the paint. That’s the Material Safety Data Sheet, which should be available for every kind of paint you find.

The solids by volume or volume of solids (it’s known both ways) tells you how much binders and pigments (the solids) there are compared to the liquids. If it’s a high-quality paint, then the binders and liquids will be high, and lower quality paints have a higher level of liquids.

If the solids level is high, then the paint is thicker and should last longer and stick better. Lower quality paint or lower grade paint will only have about 25% solids content. The rest will be liquids.

The titanium dioxide content determines how well the paint covers a surface and how transparent it is. As you know, high quality paint should cover a surface well, leaving you unable to see the color of the material underneath, but lower quality paints will need to be applied in multiple layers to cover up what is underneath.

The higher quality paints tend to cost more, and you need to be careful about going for the cheaper paint. You may need up paying more in the long run, as the paint could wear off or fade quickly and need to be replaced. However, just because a type of paint is costly, that does not mean that it is high quality paint. You could be paying more for the marketing and production costs of the paint rather than the materials, so keep that in mind. Do your research and try to find out what the level of quality Is before you put down your money for any paint.

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